Blenda Aycock

Executive Consultant

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The Right place at the Right time with the RIGHT company……In 2010 I found myself in a new season. My adult life was filled with the joy of being a wife, mother, community volunteer, and very involved in missions- local and oversees. My husband, David had been a successful banker for 23 years and worked for a family business for 7 years. He had a desire to get become a full time Realtor. As he was building this business I realized for the FIRST TIME I needed to contribute to our finances. My life was very full and I was only looking for something part time but would have the power of leverage. My Pastor suggested I visit with Sheila Stokes. He knew that she had success with “Some Direct Sales” company.

I met with Sheila and she showed me Ambit Energy! The same presentation you see TODAY was my light bulb moment. Of course I did not understand everything and asked some questions. She told me this was a LEARN while you EARN business. If you are looking at this website and wondering if this is for you, I am happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are a new consultant – WELCOME!!! I am here to point you to the tools of Success!!! As you can see by my picture my life is full, rewarding, and the joy of spending time with 4 precious grand daughters PROVES the power of part time and leverage is a FIT for me!!!

I Bless YOUR Success,
EC Blenda Aycock

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